Does Your Hydration Need Spring Cleaning?

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It’s time to do some spring cleaning to your hydration.

Hydration isn’t just about drinking water. It’s about feeling your best, so you can do what you are passionate about. Proper hydration can make or break your time out in the sun, so let’s do something about it. 

Worldwide, Hydra Aid is helping people replenish electrolytes lost throughout the day. Electrolytes balance your pH level and regulate your hydration levels to decrease the chances of dehydration. 

Here are some reminders to hydrate as we look forward to the warmer months. 


With the warmer weather approaching, there are more opportunities to go on that trip you’ve been dying to go on or that hike that’s been on your bucket list for far too long. Switching time zones, altitude, or even your routine already negatively affects hydration as your body is keeping up with your plans. On these trips, it’s the worst feeling when you’ve realized that you haven’t drank water all day and start to feel sluggish and tired. Next time on a long flight, bring a few packs of Hydra Aid so you can feel refreshed even before you land. 


Before starting your next workout, remember to keep your hydration in check. Sometimes at the beginning of a workout, it’s easy to forget to hydrate as you stretch and gear up. As your body is done warming up, your body needs electrolytes to replenish ones lost to sweat and excessive workouts. Hydration circulates your blood flow, which helps you feel your best throughout your workout. Hydra Aid’s electrolyte formula is suited for daily workouts as it replenishes electrolytes in no time. 


Even the best days in the sun have to end with a good night’s sleep. A study by Penn State shows that shorter sleep can lead to dehydration. Several body functions are negatively impacted by dehydration, including cognition, mood, physical performance, and others. If left untreated, chronic dehydration can have more serious consequences, such as an increased risk of urinary tract infections and kidney stones. 

A hormone called vasopressin is released to help regulate the body’s hydration status. It is released throughout the day and during nighttime sleeping hours. To control the body's hydration level, a hormone called vasopressin is released. While we sleep at night, our body releases this hormone during the day.

This spring, remember to keep your hydration in check with the help of Hydra Aid. 

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