Blue Raspberry Lemonade

Like you just bit into your favorite childhood candy. This flavor has hints of sweet blue raspberry and sour lemonade, perfectly refreshing.



Taste the Wellness

Your wellness deserves a refresh. Make your hydration habits more effective by replenishing electrolytes lost throughout the day with Hydra Aid.


Feel good about your routine

Making hydration part of your daily routine is one of the fastest ways to feel your best.


Our balanced and nutrient-enriched formula is made to help you replenish electrolytes lost throughout the day.

Nourish your mind

Don't let dehydration affect your focus. Within just 20 minutes of hydrating, you can reverse the negative effects of dehydration. 


Blue Raspberry Lemonade

Our newest flavor, blue raspberry lemonade is both sweet and tangy. This blend will satisfy cravings and keep you hydrated throughout the day.

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How does Hydra Aid work?

Hydra Aid™ is formulated with a unique marine-mineral electrolyte formula with less sodium and sugar than the leading hydration powder. Our electrolyte mix hydrates you fast— anytime and anywhere. Hydra Aid is formulated with a perfect ratio of electrolytes and essential vitamins to deliver nutrients straight to your bloodstream quicker than water.

What makes Hydra Aid's formula different?

Great flavor, less sugar, and a vitamin-packed formula were just the things missing from those leading products that now make Hydra Aid one of a kind. Vitamins including B6 and B12 improve brain focus and decrease the chances of dizziness and confusion. Your body depends on essential nutrients that keep your immune system in check. 

What's the science behind Hydra Aid?

Hydra Aid's Oral Cellular Absorption Science is the secret to getting all the vitamins and minerals your body needs to stay on top of your game. To efficiently deliver nutrients to your bloodstream, small amounts of sodium and glucose are used. Hydra Aid is packed with over 70 trace vitamins and minerals that help maximize your hydration efforts. Our formula is made from real coconut + Aquamin marine minerals to support healthy cellular functions.

How do I use Hydra Aid?

We advise to mix one pack of Hydra Aid with 20-30oz of water for the best flavoring and hydration power. Some of our customers have their flavor preferences and will use more or less from what is recommended.

"This product makes me a new person!"

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"I love this product!"

"Tastes 10x better than other hydration drinks."