5 Time-Saving Ideas for the Fall Season

Posted by John Petersen on

The fall season brings excitement but also crazy schedules—for parents, busy students, and all. There’s a lot on your plate as the stress can pile up faster than countless helpings of Halloween candy. The good news is that there are ways to destress and make our lives easier with these 5 simple tips. 

1. A Good Night’s Sleep Starts with Good Intention

It’s true, the best days start after a good night’s sleep. No matter your workload, it’s important to keep a consistent sleep schedule to keep your mind and body at ease and in control. To help you start the day, set your intentions the night before so you can wake up knowing your tasks with ease. 

2. Stay on top of your hydration habits

It’s easy to be dehydrated during the winter months. Better focus and energy doesn’t work without hydration. Good thing Hydra Aid is the answer to help your water do the extra work for you. Each stick of Hydra Aid has 70+ trace vitamins and minerals along with Aquamin and Astragin that help with your gut health and other essential cellular functions. Try associating a certain flavor with a task during your day. For example, you can set aside our flavor, Tropical Pearadise for a time you need to focus. This flavor contains caffeine to help you stay alert. 

3. Ask for Help

When we’re stressed, it seems to be human nature to think that we can do it all on our own. Write your to-do list with a section of tasks you can possibly delegate to your kids, friends, or coworkers to help lift your load. 

4. Take Breaks

When your to-do list is piled up, don’t feel like you need to do it all at once. Set a timer for 10-15 minutes between each major task to help you feel grounded and relaxed.

5. Schedule a Weekly Planning Session

What’s on the agenda tomorrow? Even if you're not able to keep track of everything, don't stress. The reality is that keeping everyone's schedules straight takes a lot of organization and brain power. If there is a day where you find yourself having more downtime, set aside time for a fun and easy weekly planning session. Turn on some music, eat your favorite treat and plan out your week.

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