The Moment Is Here: Meet Orange Cream

Posted by John Petersen on

Fuel Up This Fall Season

Fuel up this fall season with Orange Dream, the latest flavor, powered by Hydra Aid™ is formulated with a unique marine-mineral electrolyte formula with less sodium and sugar than the leading hydration powder. This is the melt-in-your-mouth flavor of the fall season. Our electrolyte mix hydrates you fast— anytime and anywhere. Hydra Aid is formulated with a perfect ratio of electrolytes and essential vitamins to deliver nutrients straight to your bloodstream quicker than water.

 It’s easy to forget to hydrate during the colder months. Orange Cream helps keep you feeling good while you’re outside getting your fall vibes on. We’ve captured the flavor and nostalgia that is orange soda, to create a hydrating drink mix that will help carry you through the fall season with a vibrant citrus taste. 

It’s your fall season, powered by Hydra Aid’s Oral Cellular Absorption Science. It’s the secret to getting all the vitamins and minerals your body needs to stay on top of your hydration habits. To efficiently deliver nutrients to your bloodstream, small amounts of sodium and glucose are used. Hydra Aid is packed with over 70 trace vitamins and minerals that help maximize your hydration efforts. Our formula is made from real coconut + Aquamin marine minerals to support healthy cellular functions.

To order Orange Cream, click here to purchase.

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