Let’s Talk Gut Health: How Hydra Aid is Apart of The Solution

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Have you heard of #Guttok? If you’ve been browsing recently, you might have seen an emphasis on the importance of gut health on Tiktok. So, let’s talk about how Hydra Aid has a play in this recent internet trend. 

According to a study by BMC Medicine, the term “gut health” has already been culturally defined  by experts and health influencers using it as an umbrella term to identify ways to recover from poor digestion and improve immune status. From a clinical standpoint, it is unclear how the term “gut health” can be defined thus far.

As Tiktok users produce content about gut health and other trending health topics, everyone is actively looking for solutions. There are countless ways to reduce bloating and inflammation, but Hydra Aid is helping people with their gut health with its electrolyte formula.

Unlike other hydration mixes, Hydra Aid contains an ingredient that changes the game for your gut health. It’s called Astragin, and it’s in every stick of Hydra Aid.

What is Astragin?

Astragin maintains a healthy digestive barrier and reduces chronic inflammation in the gut, as well as preventing the 'leakage' of undigested foods, bacteria, toxins, and viruses. Consequently, Astragin supports gut health and improves immune function. It is derived from astragalus and ginseng root to increase nutrient absorption. 

With countless products on the market that only solve one issue individually, Hydra Aid considers your overall health and wellness by trying to knock two birds with one stone. If forgetting to hydrate daily is becoming a problem, remembering to take care of the other essential functions of your body can go by the wayside. 

With 25 mg of Astragin in every stick, you can rest assured that your gut health is getting an additional boost with Hydra Aid’s effective electrolyte formula.

What are additional steps to take when trying to improve my gut health?

With diets like Keto, it’s important to note that lack of fiber can cause stress for your liver and kidneys. When your gut health is imbalanced, it can throw off your entire body. Not only will making hydration a part of your daily routine help your gut but a healthy diet will help shift irregularities that make your gut feel less inflamed. 

A great way to keep your gut health in check is by monitoring your digestion. Your gut communicates with the bacteria as it regulates your immune functions to keep you healthy.

Before attempting any diets or changes to your wellness, consult with your doctor as they can assess your medical history and helps test your gut health safely and effectively. 

To learn more about how Hydra Aid can improve your gut health, click here.

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