Hydra Aid: Who We Are

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Hydra Aid turns water haters into water drinking connoisseurs. 

Yes, we said it. Water by itself is bland and boring. Our taste leaves other hydration drink mixes out high and dry. 

If a customer is going to implement hydration power in their daily routine, it needs to have the best ingredients and even more health benefits.  The moment you realize that your hydration habits need a flavor boost, you’ll find yourself looking forward to your next gulp of that good ol’ H20.

We take the thinking part out of hydration for you. 

Did you know that over 70% of people are dehydrated throughout the day? This is a statistic that none of us should take lightly. Improving your performance is destined to come with roadblocks—now hydration won’t be one. 

Hydra Aid is the secret to taking your routine up a notch from everything to studying for that next final or maxing out at the gym. Hydra Aid is formulated with a perfect ratio of electrolytes and essential vitamins to deliver nutrients straight to your bloodstream quicker than water. Every stick of Hydra Aid makes a difference in your overall wellness and performance.


What makes Hydra Aid different than the leading hydration powder? 

Great flavor, less sugar, and a vitamin-packed formula were just the things missing from those leading products that now make Hydra Aid one of a kind. Vitamins including B6 and B12 improve brain focus and decrease the chances of dizziness and confusion. Your body depends on essential nutrients that keep your immune system in check. 

We take pride in our products and in helping our customers take their hydration to the next level.

To experience everything that Hydra Aid has to offer, try one of our flavors here.

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