3 Tips For a Better Night's Sleep

Posted by John Petersen on

Are you up around the clock? Try these tips for a better night’s sleep.

1. Avoid Your Screen 30 Minutes Before Bed

Have you ever checked your screen time recently? If you’re scrolling on TikTok before bed, it might be difficult for your brain to wind down. Try placing your phone on the other side of your room. When you wake up to your alarm, it forces you to get out of bed so you can start your day more energized. 

  1. Stretch It Out

We always hear about stretching after we wake up, but have you tried to stretch before hitting the hay? Studies show that stretching at night can help you fall asleep faster and avoid sleep-related pain.

  1. Don’t hit snooze on your hydration habits. 

Before bed, you can prevent dehydration symptoms by charging up on electrolytes. So when you wake up, you have a head start on your day without the adverse effects of dehydration. 

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